"Studio Visit: Wolfgang Bloch", Monster Children [view]

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Hespe Gallery in San Francisco will be showing Wolfgang Bloch's work from April 5 through May 12. [view]

SCAPE Gallery in Corona Del Mar will be showing new works by Wolfgang Bloch. Show opens July 14th. [view]


"Tracking Nature", an exhibit at the Bolinas Museum, curated by Dieter Tremp showcasing works by Lawrence LaBianca and Wolfgang Bloch. Exhibit runs from June 11 through July 31st. [view]

"Wolfgang Bloch", Liquid Salt Magazine Interview [view]


"Wolfgang's artwork is featured in Jack Johnsons album titled "To The Sea". [view]

"Art Shack", a group exhibit at the Laguna Art Museum, curated by Greg Escalante. Wolfgang is one of the exhibiting artists. Exhibit opens June 13th through October 3rd. [view]

Interview on Wolfgang Bloch's Art Shack Installation exhibited at the Laguna Art Museum in October of 2010. [view]

Wolfgang's work is included in "Swell", a group show that features surf art from the 1950 - 2010 at Metro Pictures, Nyehaus and Friedrich Petzel Galleries in New York. [view]

Wolfgang Bloch's untitled painting no.07-2009 is included in OsCene 2010: Contemporary Art and Culture in OC. [view]

"H2O: The Element of Water in Art", an exhibit at the Bolinas Museum, curated by Dieter Tremp. Exhibit runs from May 1st until June 13th. [view]

"Wolfgang Bloch", Artist Feature by Ben Bamsey. [view]

"Artist and Surfer as best Buddies" July 23. NY Times.
The exuberant three-gallery exhibition “Swell” is one of the Big Kahunas of the season’s group shows. Its requisite summertime theme is surfing, which runs wider and deeper than most, encompassing an array of visual material and several familiar characters, namely the American male as renegade and good buddy. The show, which sprawls throughout the Chelsea spaces of Nyehaus, the Friedrich Petzel Gallery and Metro Pictures, spans more than half a century, from the 1950s to the present. In addition to scores of artworks it contains about two dozen surf boards, along with photographs, posters and other artifacts. Of the nearly 80 individuals whose efforts are represented here, fewer than 10 are women. This statistic reflects a significant lack of imagination, considering that a lot of the work here is merely vaguely oceanic. [view]


"Wolfgang Bloch", by T.S. McClellan
While rummaging around Barnes and Noble this past weekend, I came across a monograph of work by an artist I had never heard of. The cover image is what caught my eye. It was an image of a surfline painted from a the perspective of a great distance. The sky was a turbulent blackened grey and the image appear to have been created at least partially on a piece of rough wood. I decided to become more familiar with the work of Wolfgang Bloch.
If you read anything about Bloch, you will learn three things; he is from Ecuador, he surfs and that his lifelong love of the ocean deeply influences his work. What I learned about Bloch from looking at his paintings is that he is capably communicates both the primal power and the hypnotic beauty of the sea.
I rode ships across most of the world's oceans as a younger man. I would often gaze out upon the horizon and just stare. Even during violent storms, the horizon remained unchanged, eternal and unreachable. What I remember is despite the ever-changing appearance of sea and sky together, their combined beauty almost always produced a sense of wonder and awe.
The other thing that I was invited to recall by Bloch's work is the mysterious nature of sea. There were times I would be staring at an incredibly noisy and dramatic display of the sea's power as storm driven waves rose up to great heights and exploded into a furious display of sea spray and foam in a matter of seconds. Yet I was also aware that not very far below the surface there would be no evidence of the turbulence on the surface and that despite its furious extraversion, its real power was in its deep silence.
Turner impressed me with his ability to capture that furious power of the sea. But Wolfgang Bloch reminded me of what always mesmerized me about the sea; its extroverted beauty and its inscrutable depths exist simultaneously. Bloch has captured this in way I cannot recall anyone doing before.

"An evening with Five Distinguished Surf Artists", June 5th, Surfing Heritage Foundation, San Clemente, Ca
A discussion to celebrate 50 years of Surf Art: panelists include Kevin Ancell, Wolfgang Bloch, Rick Rietveld,
Kevin Short, and Alex Weinstein. Moderated by Scott Hulet, Steve Pezman, and Bolton Colburn, director of the Laguna Art Museum. [view]

"Hang Five", Documentary film directed by Chris Cutri, that explores the lives and works of five artists that are also surfers. Artists include: Andy Davis, Tyler Warren, Julie Goldstein, Wolfgang Bloch and Alex Knost. [view]

"David Carson Documentary", A Film by Charlie Trefry and Max White that explores David Carsons influence in Graphic Design in the past two decades. The long list of artists, designers, musicians, and creative personalities include: David Byrne, D. David Morin, Trent Reznor from NIN, designer Jason 71, director Spike Jonze, author and editor Chip Kidd, museum director Bolton Colburn, designer Margo Chase, artist Wolfgang Bloch, designer Ellen Lupton, Randy Hild, Stacy Peralta and many more...


"DVS Wolfgang Bloch Signature Sandal"
DVS Shoes and Wolfgang Bloch teamed up to design an "eco-friendly" sandal. The soles are made from used car tires and the mid-soles from blended cork. The rest of the sandal is made from recycled, or recyclable materials. Packaging and hang tags are printed using only soy-based inks. [view]

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